Sunday, January 24, 2016

Planning Ahead for SEO

If you are the type of business that likes to have sales or promotions, then some forward planning on SEO will be beneficial for you.  What you will want to do is consider the name of your promotion based on the SEO competition, and spend a few months of work before the sale to get your website to rank for your target phrase.

The first part is the most important piece.  You want to make sure that the competition for that phrase isn't going to be too difficult in order to get quick results.  Some things to avoid would be promotions with "athon," such as "Toyotathon," at the end of them.  Since this is a fake word, but one commonly used in marketing, it will be complicated to rank for the phrase.  Instead, consider trying to utilize a location within the promotion, as well as your service, such as "Sheridan Vaccuum Sale."  While this will be a boring promotion name, it will be easier to rank for.  You could also make up something completely new, leaving yourself with no competition.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

How Should I Market in Sheridan, WY

Marketing in Wyoming, especially Northern Wyoming, is a bit different than other areas around the country.  Many people still believe in personal relationships, and tend to be loyal to the companies they work with.  That being said, it doesn't mean that there isn't opportunities in marketing.  If you are able to produce an inviting offering through marketing you may be able to break some of the loyalties, and drive additional customers to your business.  The way you get that message out there, though, is going to be very essential.

1. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing should be a big component of any marketing in Sheridan, WY.  When I say social media I don't mean simply posting to your Facebook page every few days.  What I mean is a combination of blogging, photography and paid ads on Facebook and another medium that is ideal for your business.  Paid ads on Facebook are a great way to gain exposure for your business for a small investment.

2. Search Engine Optimization

There is a reason why Google is a brand and an action.  People frequently use Google to get answers about local businesses, and where they can find specific products or services.  By optimizing your website you can be the business that people find with they start Googling.

3. Networking

Sheridan is a prime area for networking your business.  There is Third Thursday Festival, Chamber of Commerce Meetings, Chamber After Hours and many other clubs and organizations.  Sheridan is also the type of town where people like to get out.  From festivals to rodeos you can meet a lot of people.  Make sure that getting out and meeting people is part of your marketing strategy.

4. TV Advertising

TV ads in the Sheridan market, specifically Charter, can be quite affordable for small businesses.  Depending on the rep that you work with, you can often get ROS ads for as little as a few dollars.  This makes it an OK medium to get exposure, but it shouldn't be your only one.  TV is great in combination with digital advertising.

5. Radio Advertising

Sheridan, WY is home to two different radio networks.  Radio is a very action oriented marketing medium, so make sure to utilize it for any events or special sales.

6. Newspaper Advertising

Newspaper advertising, regardless of the area, isn't performing as well as it used to.  That being said, if Newspaper meets your demographic, and you can afford consistency, it can be an acceptable medium.  The demographic is often 55+ and female.

My suggestion for people doing Marketing in Sheridan is to really focus on the first three first.  A combination of these three can get great results in almost any market.

Getting the Most Out of Your Website

For many businesses, a website is the last step in their digital presence.  They pay a website company to build them a website, and call it a day.  Unfortunately, simply having a website won't be enough.  To get the most out of your website you will want to do Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.  These tactics combined can greatly increase your business' digital reach.

Search Engine Optimization is a marketing method where you make your website more relevant for the searches that are related to your business.  For example, a gym in Sheridan, WY would want to rank for the phrase "Sheridan Gyms."  To be able to rank for this phrase you would need to have content that references this keyword, as well as utilize other words that are related to it, such as squats and bench press.  This builds your contextual relevance, and helps your website seem more important to search engines.

Social Media Marketing is a marketing method where you utilize the popularity of social network sites to generate more interest in your brand or website.  Facebook has introduced some amazingly targeted marketing tools over the past few years that allows you to target your specific demographic.  You can target people by marital status, age, gender, income and so much more.  It is an ideal solution for small businesses in Sheridan, WY.