Saturday, January 23, 2016

Getting the Most Out of Your Website

For many businesses, a website is the last step in their digital presence.  They pay a website company to build them a website, and call it a day.  Unfortunately, simply having a website won't be enough.  To get the most out of your website you will want to do Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.  These tactics combined can greatly increase your business' digital reach.

Search Engine Optimization is a marketing method where you make your website more relevant for the searches that are related to your business.  For example, a gym in Sheridan, WY would want to rank for the phrase "Sheridan Gyms."  To be able to rank for this phrase you would need to have content that references this keyword, as well as utilize other words that are related to it, such as squats and bench press.  This builds your contextual relevance, and helps your website seem more important to search engines.

Social Media Marketing is a marketing method where you utilize the popularity of social network sites to generate more interest in your brand or website.  Facebook has introduced some amazingly targeted marketing tools over the past few years that allows you to target your specific demographic.  You can target people by marital status, age, gender, income and so much more.  It is an ideal solution for small businesses in Sheridan, WY.

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