Saturday, February 27, 2016

Weebly or Wordpress Website

I've given Weebly a lot of hate over the past few years.  Some of it is warranted, but some of it is not.  After working with it a lot more I've decided that Weebly SEO is possible, and having a Weebly website can be a good starting point for a lot of businesses.

That being said, Wordpress is my go to solution for almost any website.  It is extremely flexible, probably already has a solution for your business needs and has a lot of support to get things done.  Wordpress also has the flexibility to completely customize it for yourself.  You can hire a Wordpress developer to create a plugin to do something completely new.  This isn't something you can do in Weebly.  You get what you get with Weebly, which is quite a bit.

So, which should you use?  It depends on your immediate budget.  If you can afford a custom website design, $5,000-10,000, then go with Wordpress.  If you can't, then go with Weebly.  It will hold up well as your business grows.

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